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We look forward to serving all of your service and sales needs! If you have any questions at all, need a quote? Let us know and we will respond to you within 24 hours. Looking for parts? Just send us the last eight (8) portion of your V.I.N. number and tell us what you need!

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Coastal Idealease

Coastal International Leasing

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Truck Ownership

Short and Long Term Rental

Coastal offers daily lease agreements if you only need the truck for a brief period of time, or even a couple days. Call today or contact us through e-mail for a quote today!

Ownership Transition

Need a truck for a while?

One of your trucks recently broke down, don't have the money to fix a truck, or you just need a truck?

Contact our lease department today for a free quote!

Full Service Equity Lease

Coastal International takes care of all state taxes when it comes to fuel use. All commercial vehicles must pay a fuel tax based on that trucks mileage per gallon in each state that truck drives through. Through Idealease, this will all be taken care of for YOU! We want you to worry about what you need to get done!

Safety and Compliance

Idealease Fleet Services

Vehicle legalization and fuel tax reporting in the U.S.The no-fee Idealease Fleet Service Fuel Card eliminates much of the paperwork for tracking, trip reports, fuel tax reciepts, and is accepted at more than 43,000 fueling locations in North America. Get your work done!

Coastal Idealease and You

A Better Alternative to Truck Ownership!

With an Idealease Full Service Lease, you get industry-leading vehicles that are backed by superior maintenance and services like 24/7 Roadside Assistance. We offer a variety of new International Trucks including sleepers, day cabs, flat beds, box trucks, and more. Our professional vehicle maintenance improves vehicle uptime at a fixed and guaranteed monthly cost.

A full-service commercial truck lease from Coastal Idealease in Warwick, R.I., allows you to pay even more attention to serving your customers and growing your business.

All Idealease vehicles are supported by unmatched technical expertise throughout our extensive network of locally owned and operated Idealease companies. We are committed to safety and quality. Count on Idealease for cost-effective and responsive support anywhere, anytime. Idealease is by your side for the short trip and over the long haul.

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